3M Nexcare Acne Dressing 36 stickers 0.8cm x 24pcs 1.2cm x 1

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* Hydrocolloid dressing absorbs secretion and promotes healing of acne.

* The dressing protects acne from dirt and other contaminants.

* Waterproof and breathable.


- Clean and dry the skin and hands thoroughly

- Remove the film at the back of an acne dressing and cover it on the acne. Fix it tightly by pressing on the rim

- Replace when the acne dressing turns white (indicating full absorption or secretion)

- Store unused acne dressing in a cool, dry place

- The acne dressing should be applied before wearing make-up

36 stickers consisted of 0.8cm x 24 stickers and 1.2cm x 12 stickers

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