Contractubex 50g

Contractubex 50g

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Contractubex by Merz 50g

Contractubex® is a highly effective treatment for all scar types. It actively promotes the healing process of the skin and reduces scarring from within.

Contractubex ointment contains Extr. Cepae; Hepain sodium; Allantoin as the active ingredients for treatment of scars.

The scar gel with the triple effect:

* Prevents the formation of excessive scar tissue

* Reduces redness, itching and the feeling of tension

* Makes the scar smoother and improves elasticity


Extr. Cepae 10 g, heparin sodium 5000 I.U., allantoin 1g, gel base ad 100g.


Scars of any genesis: accidents, burns, surgical and gynaecological operations, breast amputations.


Rub Contractubex gently into the skin or the scar tissue several times daily.

Do not store above 25 C

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