BAWANG Anti-Fall Shampoo & Conditioner Package

BAWANG Anti-Fall Shampoo & Conditioner Package

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It effectively reduces hair fall and help hair grow.

How does this product work?

* Chinese Arborvitae Leaf: Improves on growing environment of scalp, so that reduces hair fall.

* Ginseng: Reduces hair breakage, preventing and reducing hair fall.

* Ginger: Balances the secretion of sebum in the scalp, preventing and reducing hair fall.

Product Features

This Product is formulated and manufactured by BAWANG International Scientific Research Centre, China’s foremost centre for Trichology research to effectively address the various causes of hair fall. The BAWANG Anti-hair Fall Shampoo combines ancient Chinese wisdom with modern pharmacology and biotechnology to bring optimum hair care results to consumers.

The BAWANG Anti-hair Fall Shampoo is effective for the following cases of hair fall:

Seborrheic Alopecia (hair fall due to excess secretion of sebum on the scalp),
Androgenic Hormone Baldness (hair fall due to excess secretion of androgenic hormone on the scalp),Pathological Baldness (hair fall due to an imbalance of microelements on the scalp)and any other types of hair fall (hair fall due to work stress, environmental pollution, incorrect method of hair wash and perming).
With its unique TCH formula, enriched with various Chinese herbal extracts, including Chinese Arborvitae leaf, Ginseng and Ginger, this Professional Shampoo Pack mildly soothes the scalp and solidifies hair root to reduce air breakage.

Regular usage of the BA WANG Anti-hair Fall Shampoo Professional Pack transforms out-of-control, thin hair into voluminous and shiny hair that looks and feels incredibly healthy and ready to style.


This shampoo is suitable for frequent usage. It is recommended to wash hair with the Anti-hair Fall Shampoo three times a week. After rinsing, apply the Anti-hair Fall Conditioner for optimum results.


Massage onto wet hair to lather for 3-5 minutes. Rinse out thoroughly with warm water.


For optimum effects, don’t use other similar products with this product. Avoid contact with your eyes. In case accidental contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Store in a cool and dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Product Specifications

Each package includes: Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo(200ml) & Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner(80g)

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