Wah Shun Shi Hu Ye Guang Wan 80's

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Clears heat, nourishes liver yin, clears heat, subdues yang, brightens the eyes.


Poor or blurred vision;Eye strain from reading;Excessive tearing;Pain around the eyes


Poria 23mg

Radix Asparagi 23mg

Radix Ginseng 23mg

Radix Rehmanniae Praeparata 11mg

Radix Ophiopogonis 11mg

Radix Rehmanniae 11mg

Rhizoma Dioscorae 8mg

Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae 8mg

Flos Chrysanthemi 8mg

Semen Cassiae 8mg

Semen Cuscutae 8mg

Fractus Schisandrae Chinensis 6mg

Fractus Tribuli

Herba dendrobii

Cornu Ovis aries Linnaeus


5 pills each dose, 2-3 daily

80 pills

Wah Shun Medicine Limited

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