Hoe Hin White Flower Ointment 23g

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Major Ingredients

• Wintergreen oil: 20.73%

• Menthol: 15.55%

• Eucalyptus Oil: 9.33%

• Lavender Oil: 5.78%

• Camphor: 3.11%


• Relief of stuff noses

• Relief of minor chest congestion

• Temporary relief of muscular pain

• Sooth itching of minor skin irritation resulted from inset and mosquito bites

• Relief of travel and motion sickness

• Soothe chapped skin


Apply a dab of Hoe Hin White Flower Ointment on the affected area, massage gently

For external use only

See package insert for warning and cautions

23g vial

Manufactured by Guangzhou National Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

No. 1 Kangning Road, Pagang Town, Paiyu District Guangzhou City, China

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