Tieh Ta Yao Gin 30ml Super Concentrate

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Super Concentrate Tieh Ta Yao Gin

“Chu Kiang” Brand super concentrate Tieh Ta Yao Gin has enjoyed popularity for a hundred years since it came to the market. Owing to its preparation from super – quality medicinal herbs and to the effectiveness in staunching, painkilling, wound-healing, activating blood circulation and relaxing sinews and muscles, it has been recommended as an ideal remedy both at home and on trip for the treatment of injuries and bruises of all kinds


In the treatment of hemorrhage, inflammation, swelling, infection, ulceration, etc. rinse the injury parts with cool boiled water to remove dirts, absorb surplus water remained therein, and then apply this medicinal essence with absorb cotton onto the injury parts, 3-4 times daily, and subsequently, simply reapply this medicinal essence to the cotton stuck thereon.

For sprains of tendons and ligaments and for internal injuries, resulting in aching, swelling, blood-clotting and joints stiffening, apply this essence to and massage gently the stiffening, apply this essence to to and massage gently the affected area along the tendons and ligaments, and then fix the essence-wetted cotton with bandages or so, several times daily.

Dislocation and fracture-fall with the scope of treatment, too. After necessary surgical treatment, apply this essence several times daily, and rapid and good results are to be expected.


pregnant women are prohibited from taking this essence. In case the essence spoils your clothe, use alcohol to remove it.



- Sanguis Draconis 18% (1620mg)

- Mastix 15% (1350mg)

- Myrrha 15%(1350mg)

- Flos Carthami 15%(1350mg)

- Radix Pseudoginseng 15%(1350mg)

- Radix Anglicae Sinensis 8%(720mg)

- Catechu Gambie 4%(360mg)

- Aloe 10% (900mg)

Made in China

Exported by : Guangdong Medicines & Health Products I/E Crp., China

Main Agent: Yuen Fong Company

External Analgesic 1Fl. Oz. (30ml)

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