Wah Shun Kou Pi Plaster 10 pieces

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Main Ingredients:

- Radix Aconiti 500g

- Rhizoma Kaempferlae 160g

- Rhizoma Cordydalis 100g

- Herba Speranskiae Tuber Cu-Latae 100g

- Rhizoma Zingiberis 80g

- Comphora 80g

- Fructus Capsici 20g

- Borneollum Synthelticum 30g

- Mentholum 60g


It expels the wind, dissipates the wet and relaxes the muscle.


Clean the affected part and dry it, tear the transparent paper and stick on the affected part.

1 pack of 10 pieces

Wah Shun Medicine Ltd

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