Natural Garden Burdock Tea 15 teabags

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According to
Chinese medicine, excessive toxin buildup induces constipation and general skin
troubles. It helps detoxification,
reduces swelling and improves renal function.
In the long run, burdock tea may accelerate intestinal peristalsis; rid
uric acid along with other toxins and excess water. As a result, this may relieve constipate,
stimulate blood circulation and stabilize blood lipids. It has the standard to moisturize the skin
and reduce fatigue. Drinking burdock tea
is a great way to sustain your healthy life.


100% Burdock


Add 250 ml
boiling water to the tea and leave to use for 1-2 minutes


Keep in cool,
dry place away from direct sunlight.

Organchlorine pesticides”, Microbiological quality: and “Heavy Metal
contaminants” laboratory tests are passed through Hong Kong Standards and
testing Center


52.5 g


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