Ammeltz 82ml by Kobayashi - 6 packs

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6 packs of Ammeltz 82ml by Kobayashi

Active Ingredients (per 100ml)

- Methyl Salicylate(5,000mg)

- Menthol(5,200mg)

- Camphor(5,200mg)

- Thyrnol(700mg)

- Nonivarnide (Vanillylarnide Nonylate)(10mg)


Muscular Stiffness, Muscular Pain, Muscular Fatigue, Low Back Pain, Bruises, Sprains


Apply a proper amount to affected area 2-3 times daily. External use only.


If you should have a rash, reddening, swell, itch after use, stop using immediately and consult a doctor or a pharmacist.

82 ml


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