Health Star Tea Granules

Health Star Tea (Granules for drink) by Hin Sang Hong

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When excessive heat is present in the body of babies and children, it can result in moodiness, poor sleeping quality and bad appetite. Health Star Tea helps to improve appetite, inner balance and sleeping quality of the children. It has been used for ages and is trusted by many families.


Coix Seed 19%
Phaseolus Calcaratus 19%
Malt 15.2%
Hawthorn Fruit 15.1%
Lophatherum Gracile 12.6%
Membrane of Chicken Gizzard 12.6%
Licorice Root 6.5%

Direction and dosage:
Newborn to 2 years old: Once daily, one pack each time.
2 to 5 years old: Twice daily, two packs each time.
5 years old or above: Once to twice daily, three packs each time.
Dissolve each pack with a glass of warm water.

Storage: Store in a cool place. Keep out of reach of children.

Caution: Refrigerate after opening and consume within 24 hours. If discomfort occurs, stop taking this product and consult your doctor.

Content: 20 packs per box, 10g per pack.

Manufacturer: Hin Sang Hong Company Limited

Made in Hong Kong

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