Hirudoid (40g big) cream - 3 packs

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3 packs of Hirudoid 40g cream

Hirudoid prevents formation of blood clots in the vein system close to the surface or promotes their dissolving. It accelerates absorption of haemorrhages and inflammatory infiltrates and inhibits surface inflammation processes. Pain and the feeling of tension diminish and local blood flow is improved.


General care of the veins (prevention of phlebitis), inflamed varicose veins, follow-up treatment after sclerosing of varicose veins, superficial phlebitis and thrombosis, exudates, oedema, haematomas, softening of hard scars. To improve scars of injuries, burns, surgical operation etc.


Hirudoid Cream should only be used on unbroken skin and should not be brought in contact with open wounds, the eyes or mucous membranes.

Hirudoid 25,000 u/100 g

40g cream


Use according to directions of physician.


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