Imada Red Flower Oil 50ml - 3 packs

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3 packs of Imada Red Flower Oil 50ml


- Methyl Salicylate

- Cinnamon Leaf Oil

- Clove Oil Citronellal

- Sanguis Draconis (Pigment)

- Flos Carthami


To reduce inflammation, relief pain and to get rid of bruises


Apply to the affected area. Avoid applying it to the eyes or mucosal area. Children under age 12 need to consult doctors before use.


For external use only. Not to be ingested. Should not use in pregnant or infant. Take precautions when used in wounds or allergic skin.

Keep it in cool dry place

For external use only

Manufactured by Luen Wah (HK) Medicine Ltd.

50ml bottle

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