Mentholatum SunPlay SPF 130 Super Block

Mentholatum SunPlay SPF 130 Super Block 35g

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UVA, UVB protection Super Block SPF 130

* New Solarex-3 technology offers full protection against sun with state of art sunscreen filters, hyaluronic acid for keeping moisture loss from sunburn & anti-photoaging ingredients RonaCare Ecotin & Antileukine 6

* Clear transparent and smooth on skin. Protects your skin effectively against harmful sunrays.

* Vitamin C & E enhances skin health and prevent premature aging

* Light and mild for all skin types

* Apply before daily outdoor activities


* Use as sunscreen lotion alone or after moisturizer

* Shake well before use

* Apply evenly on face and body. Reapply as desired or after towel drying

* Remove with facial cleanser

The Mentholatum Company

Net Wt: 35g SPF 130

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