Min Shan Brand Qi Ju Di Huang Pills

Min Shan Brand Qi Ju Di Huang Pills 200's

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- Radix Rehmanniae Preparata 27.59%

- Fructus Corni 13.78%

- Cortex Moutan 10.35%

- Rhizoma Dioscoreae 13.78%

- Poria 10.35%

- Rhizoma Alismatis 10.35%

- Fructus Lycii 6.90%

- Flos Chrysanthemi 6.90%

Actions & Indications:

To nourish yin of the liver and the kidney. To treat patients with a deficiency of yin in the liver and the kidney and are marked by dizziness, tinnitus.

Used & dosage:

8 pills once, three times daily


Preserve in well closed containers, protected from moisture.

200 pills

Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical factor, Lanzhou China

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