Salon de Pro Hair color 6 Dark Brown

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Each bottle can be used twice for short hair.

Read the usage instruction enclosed before using

Do not use during bath time
• Fix the nozzle onto the bottle firmly
• Push the coloring onto comb by pressing the lever down firmly
• Keep bottle upright when pushing the lever
• Apply the coloring to dry hair and comb completely to hair roots and under side of hair
• Wait for 5 minutes. Rinses off with water completely follow with shampoo and conditioner

Please read instructions carefully before use.
• Hair color can cause an allergic reaction that, in rare cases, can be severe.
• Do Not Use:
• If you have ever had an allergic reaction to this or any other hair color products
• If you have ever felt ill during or immediately after coloring your hair
• If you have sensitive scalp or skin (such as during or while recovering from an illness)
• If you have an inflammation, cut or skin problem on the head, face or neck.
• Perform a skin allergy test in accordance with the enclosed instruction 48 hours before each use of the product
• If there are scalp abnormalities or if you experience strong skin irritation during use, wash off immediately
• Avoid the solution and the rinsing water come in contact with eyes
• Do not use to dye eyelashes or eyebrows
• Keep out of reach of children
• Not to be taken internally

This product contains compressed gas as propellant. Keep in cool place (under 40C), store away from fire or direct sunlight. Do not crush, incinerate or puncture can even when empty. Use only in ventilated areas.

Inside the box: Nozzle, Bottle, Brush, Gloves, Usage instruction

Ingredients: phenylene diamines 2.1% (p-Phenylenediamine 2%, m-Phenylenediamine Sulfate 0.1%), alkylated-benezenediamines 0.2% (2,4-Diaminophenoxyehtnaol Hydrochloride 0.2%)

Caution: This preparation may cause serious inflammation of the skin in certain persons and should be used only in accordance with expert advice.

Made in Japan

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