Specific Huo Luo Bruise Analgesic Plaster 5 patches

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The specific Huo Luo Bruise Analgesic Plaster, a plaster for external application, is found to be great after numerous practical treatments in China. It is effective for dissipating swelling and bruise, relaxing arthrodynia, rheumatism, neuralgia, contusion and stab wood. The Specific Huo Luo Bruise Analgeisc Plaster are elaborated with scientific methods selecting precious Chinese medicinal herb, according to traditional prescriptions, so that it has the effective of invigorating the circulation of blood, reducing extravasted blood, subsidence of a swelling, analgesic and curing rheumatism. Also the plaster is designed with some small holes on it to prevent skin irritation.

Rheumatism, arthralgia, lumbago, muscular pain, neuralgia, spurs, bruise and sprain, sport contusions, numbness of the extremities, sciatica etc.

anti-contusion, antiphlogistic, antioncotic, analgesic, anti-rheumatism.

Not recommended for pregnant women due to its strong effects.

Remove the plaster from the sheet and stick it to the affected parts. Each sheet will be effective for 24 hours. Use after bathing for better effect. 1 time daily, 1 plaster sheet each time.

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