Wah Shun Synthetic Moschus Kwoodsun Plaster x 5 pieces

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External Use Only

Main Ingredients:

Radix Aconiti 500g

Rhizoma Kaempferlae 160g

Rhizoma Cordydalis 100g

Herba Speranskiae Tuber Cu-Latae 100g

Rhizoma Zingiberis 80g

Comphora 80g

Fructus Capsici 20g

Borneollum Synthelticum 30g

Mentholum 60g

It expels the wind, dissipates the wet and relaxes the uscle.


Clean the affected part and dry it, tear the transparent paper and stick on the affected part.

Those who have rebber allergy and skin erosion should not use it. Pregnant women should not use it on the loin.

5X 10 pieces

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