Zheng Gu Shui Golden Non-Staining 88ml Roll-on

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New Formula Golden Zheng Gu Shui

Golden Zheng Gu Shui is the second generation product of our superior product Zheng Gu Shui. Its features are to strengthen the partial blood circulation on the basis of the original Zheng Gu Shui, increase the vitality fo cells so that the use of choice Zheng Gu Shui is more concentrated. It is more effective than the original in eliminating the fatigue after sports and in curing rheumatism, injuries from falls, fractures, contusions and strains thus embodying the proverb “ Indigo blue is extracted from the indigo plant, but is bluer than the plant it comes from”. This product is of pure quality, powerful penetration, fast effects, no harm to skin and no contamination to clothing and is a good medicine for home use, raveling, sporting etc.


Limber up ones muscles and joints, dispel the wind and eliminate humidity; detumescence and painkiller, strengthen the partial blood circulation, improve the vitality of cells.


rheumatism and bone aching, injuires form falls, fractures, contusions and strains, number in the four limbs; prevent and eliminate the fatigue before and after sporting and gym exercises.


Spread lightly at affected part or put into bathing water for bathing.


Never be taken orally; never be near to high temperature; never apply to wound.


Rhizoma Polygoni Cuspidati 7%
Schisandra Henryi Clarke 7%
Radix Millettiae Pulchrae 7%
Radix Cynnanchi Paniculati 7%
Piper wallichi(Miq) Hand.-Mazz 6%
Kadsura Coccinea (LEM.)A.C. Smith 6%
Cudrania Cochinchinensis (Lour.) 6%
Kudo Et Masam.
Calophyllum Membranaceum 6%
Gardn.Et champ.
Rhizoma Curcumae 6%
Securidaca Inappendiculata Hassk. 5%
Cortes Periplocae 5%
Gnetum Montanum Markgr. 5%
Radix Angelicae Dahuricae 5%
Mentholum 5%
Camphora 5%
Radix Angelica Pubescentis 4%
Radix Cyathulae 4%
Radix et Rhizoma Ardisiae 4%

Guangxi Yulin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Guangxi China

88ml roll on bottle

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