Bigen Powder Hair Dye - Dark Brown Color C 6g Japan - 3 packs

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3 packs of Bigen Powder Dark Brown Color C

Complete with hair coloring brush and tray

- Pre-mixed in single-powder form - ammonia free

- Easy to use - just mix with plain water and apply

- Economical - no waste of powder in application

- No pre-shampoo necessary

- Long lasting true-to-life color

How to use

- Mix Bigen powder with plain water

- Apply the mixture to hair with brush.

- Rinse and wash hair after approx. 20 minutes.

Please read enclosed directions carefully


This preparation may cause serious inflammation of the skin in certain persons and should be used only in accordance with expert advice. Content of phenylenediamines is 0.30% w/w after mixing with water as directed.

New wt


Manufactured by Hoyu Co., Ltd. Nagoya, Japan


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