Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner - Dark Brown 883

Bigen Speedy Hair Color Conditioner - Dark Brown 883

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Dark Brown For Asian Hair

Darkens grey hair in 5 min.

1. Speedy Darkening

2. Natural Elegance

3. Easy to Use

4. For Men and Women

Darkening enhanced as developing time lengthens

Bigen Speedy is excellent for darkening grey hair to meet your needs:

Moderate Darkening

Grey hair can be signficiantly darkening in just 5 minutes

Gradual darkening

Grey hair can be gradually darkened via repeated applications with shortened color developing time

Perfect Darkening

Grey hair can be perfectly darkened by extending color developing time to 10-15 minutes


1. Open Seal

2. Squeeze Cream

3. Comb through

4. Shampoo


- Cream No. 1 40g

- Cream No. 2 40g

- Hair Brush 1pc

Please read enclosed directions carefully.


This preparation may cause serious inflammation of the skin in certain persons and should be used only in accordance with expert advice.


- p-phenlyene diamine 0.47%

- toluene-2; 5-diamine 0.95% w/w after mixing

Manufactureed by Hoyu Co.; Ltd.


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